Oxalis ID - Oxalis ID needed

AW awilson@avonia.com
Tue, 29 Nov 2011 09:09:26 PST
Dear Lauw and Mary Sue, 

Well now, that's interesting! I do not have records of who gave me this
species. I've had it for ten years and it is anything but weedy. It's quite
attractive and stays in its same pot. If it is O. caprina I guess the lesson
is - climate makes a difference. As you know, one or two species that are
weedy here are no problem in Northern California and, maybe also, in the
south of France. But this one, if it is O. caprina, behaves inversely to
that. It may have to do with the availabilty of water. 

The reverse side of the leaves is the same color as on the top, green.  

San Diego 

Hello Mary Sue and Andrew,
 I got the same here, they came from you in 2001 (!!)  under the reference 
mv4674.   (revers side of the leaves are purple)  It  has become a real weed

here and try to eliminate  it. I have kept the same name, but  i am not sure
if it is correc. Interesting to know what the other members think.


Lauw de Jager south of France
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>Here is an Oxalis sp. for which I'd appreciate advice on a ID. 
>I thought it might be O. engleriana but the leaves are completely

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