Couple Hippeastrum questions

A. M. Walnik
Thu, 03 Nov 2011 09:34:10 PDT
Hi Jude,
I can recommend you a book: V. M. Read, Hippeastrum, the gardener's 
amaryllis, Timber Press, Portland, Cambridge 2004. But one must know that 
the flower size strongly depends on growing conditions. For example, the 
‘Red Lion’ in the book is described as having 3 - 4 flowers, 16 - 18 cm in 
diameter. My ‘Red Lion’ looked exactly so in 2006. Next year flowers was 
even smaller - 14 cm. But next years it was grown by my mother and this 
spring had 5 - 6 flowers per scape, over 20 cm in diameter.
Look at this:…

Marek Walnik
Glucholazy, Poland

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Subject: [pbs] Couple Hippeastrum questions
Which Hippeastrum variety has the largest and smallest flower? ...

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