Weather and What's in Bloom this Week -- Nov 7

J.E. Shields
Thu, 10 Nov 2011 13:19:02 PST
I just noticed the first few flakes of snow of this season drifting down 
outdoors. We have not yet had a killing frost this fall, and the snow is 
not going to stick, even if it amounts to more than a few random flakes. 
But still, I'm really not psychologically ready for snow yet this winter!

Flowering is very thin in the greenhouses just now. I noticed a scape on 
Clivia robusta "Maxima" yesterday, and the flowers on last week's Nerine 
sarniensis hybrids have not yet faded. Haemanthus albiflos still has a few 
umbels in bloom as well.  There are a couple blooms on Caliphruria 
korsakoffii and Cryptostephanus vansonii as well.

Outdoors the other day, I saw a few flowers of Crocus cartwrightianus in 
bloom as well. I had feared they were going to skip blooming this year. I 
need to check the Lycrois and see if there are any ripe seeds on chinensis 
or longituba, if the sun comes out.


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