sending bulbs to Australia

Greg Ruckert
Fri, 18 Nov 2011 12:08:43 PST
You need deep pockets and patience.

For the bulb you want to import check out;…

Type in the genus and then see what the conditions are.

I had a large import of aroids line up when restrictions changed in the 
middle of October and I had to abandon the plan.

It is likely that what you want to import will require a phytosanitary 
certificate (even tissue culture).
It is also possible that you will have to have the imports grown in a Govt 
quarantine house (mearest one located at Waite Research).
The cost for this will be $4 per pot per day and they must be there for a 
minimum of 3 months.
There are also potting fees on arrival.  50% payable upfront.
On top of this you will be up for methyl bromide treatment, under pressure, 
for 3 hours, about another $150 per batch.

They have now made it so hard that the average punter just won't bother.

If you are thinking of just trying your luck and having them posted to you, 
good luck.
I have an average of one lot of seed (often in small padded envelopes) come 
in per week and, on average, 50% of these get opened and inspected.  While 
the AQIS staff are excellent and helpful I believe they keep a database of 
people who are caught attempting the wrong thing.

I have only had 2 seed lots pulled out.  One was destroyed and the other is 
currently being treated before being sent to me.
As for the Worsleya, RBG Sydney sells them for $50 to non-members.

Greg Ruckert
South Australia

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> Hello Everyone,
> I am new to this.
> It is a very hot and warm day 37 in Adelaide, South Australia. This is our 
> spring time and all of the bulbs are in bloom. It simply is beautiful.
> I am also a Hippeastrum lover. I would like to know can bulbs be sent to 
> Australia without causing a lot of problems with Customs.
> I have gone to the PBS web site and there is a yellow one and many others 
> I would like to get.
> I am not aware of any one in Australia that has a yellow Hippeastrum.
> I recently paid $140.00 for a Worley and I was told by many that was way 
> to much.
> I would love to have some in put into getting bulbs into Australia.
> Thank Ann F. Shubin

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