Correction Aqis data base

Sun, 20 Nov 2011 03:59:47 PST
O Shelly you must have been devastate, I was, I had put so much time & effort in too..

It can be unpredictably complex if even the smallest thing goes wrong. I've had a couple of recant experiences in 2010 & again in 11 but I got a lovely helpful inspector who gave me a really nice  helpful but expensive contact, he was going to try to allow me to purchase the permits, even though the bulb was being held, so I started setting everything up & low & behold they decided to distroy it in the end. 

O I got the price wrong before but I just can't find the details yet, I will post them when I eventually find them, it will be handy for people to have a helpful quarantean location here...   

Certainly we are forced to know what we are importing now days. Weekends, who would have thought that would have made any difference... it's not impossible to get those bulbs in, it's  just deliberately made difficult for understandable reason, things can naturalize so easily in Australia

Chat soon : ) Steven 
Queensland Australia

On 20/11/2011, at 6:11 AM, Shelley Gage <> wrote:

> Dear Steve,
> When I imported from South Africa in 2003, Crinums were on a different permit 
> The lesson here of course is for me to always clear quarantine in Brisbane preferably not on a weekend.
> Shelley Gage 

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