Kohleria eriantha

Tommie Gillam tommie.gillam@gmail.com
Fri, 11 Nov 2011 07:51:09 PST
I have grown Kohlerias for several years, both under lights and in natural
light. It has been my experience that they really enjoy strong light and
warm temps. So much so, that I put them outdoors in summer for the best
bloom. Mine do begin going dormant now and I feel it is a factor of reduced
day length and cooler temps.Yours may well be getting ready for dormancy,
especially if it hasn't ever done so.  Dormancy can be  of variable length
with these, from a few days to months and I am not sure what reasoning they
use. The old foilage may die back and be replaced fairly quickly by new
growth, especially with a constant warm temp, or not. Sorry this isn't more


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