Managing your list subscription, was test

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 28 Nov 2011 22:19:32 PST

It is always possible to set your subscription to nomail and just 
look at messages from the archives. Setting to nomail does not 
prevent you from posting. You can do this here:

This is the way you also can stop the list emails from coming when 
you are going to be away and then start them again when you come back.

 From this same screen you can click on archive to look at the 
current posts and if you find a message you'd like to address, if you 
click on reply it will open a message in your email program. You can 
access this directly here:

In the recent onslaught of messages people didn't always change the 
subject heading when they changed the subject however, so if you just 
look at the title in the subject or the thread, it doesn't always fit 
the message.

This is the new improved archive that David Pilling has spent a lot 
of time creating. You can still access the old standard version:
This allows you to download a whole month at a time. Some of the 
messages don't display properly in this interface however and you 
can't search it as you can in the archive David created just for our 
list. David is constantly improving things for us and we are very 
lucky to have his help.

Mary Sue

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