Speaking Speaking of Calostemmas by the Billabong.

Steven hartsentwine.australia@gmail.com
Sat, 26 Nov 2011 04:35:41 PST
I'm on holidays & motorcycle touring a few thousand kilometers criss crossing the Great Deviding Range heading South & then heading to Southern Victoria. 

Does any one know of anyone who may have some Calostemmas. ????Even if is a just a look in a botanical garden etc. I've never seen one in Brisbane

I am always disappointed  by the lack of our stunning Australian native bulbs in home gardens. I found it interesting, that one of my best friends Mark Hawkins from the Hawkins nursery empire, & who now managers Nova Gardens Nursery was telling me many nurseries don't carry bulbs because the  flowering spans are too short or unpredictable, & they have to be held in pot culture through the dormant season& space is money.

So I am slowly getting him hooked on bulbs & perhaps something so rare as a Calostemma & other native bulbs may one day take pride position.....

SE Queensland Australia

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