Bananas you can grow

Shelley Gage
Tue, 29 Nov 2011 02:43:36 PST

I am trying to buy a copy of "Bananas you can grow" by James Waddick and Glenn Stokes. I think James is a member of PBS. The online bookshops seem to have very expensive second hand copies in different conditions and the publisher's site says they don't send to Australia. Can anyone direct me to a source please?
Shelley Gage Queensland.
 Look out for Blandfordias if you travel near enough to the coast. I expect our local ones to be flowering when I go to Rainbow on the weekend.

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> I'm on tour & now in the Boarder Ranges it is the southern end of the volcano rim that is the 88 mm wide crater that surrounds it's exposed basalt core Mt Warning
> Today I hope to see Hemholtzia lilies growing in the jungle clad creeks, yesterday I saw 3 species of non native zephranthes In huge patches by the road, Drummondii, Grandiflora & lindylana.
> Steven 
> Queensland Australia
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