Crinum Identification Please

jim lykos
Wed, 16 Nov 2011 20:13:42 PST
Hi Steven,

I agree with Alan's identification of the softer pink bell like flowers as 
an  Amarcrinum which are infertile. The other larger open rose pink coloured 
Crinum looks very much like a C. moorei hybrid - but one which  is possibly 
a stomatic hybrid?  showing most of the features of a good C. moorei flower 
including improved robustness and fertility .  According to Les Hannibal 
such polyploidal forms often arose in C. moorei hybrid crosses.

C. brisbanicum is a Hexaploidal Australian species so hybrids may be 
difficult to make with this species - please inform us if you are successful 
in raising seeds from hybrid crosses using this species.

Jim Lykos.
Blue Mountains Sydney Zone 10 

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