Daubenya capensis and appressed leaves

Matt Mattus mmattus@charter.net
Sun, 27 Nov 2011 16:24:44 PST
Thank you Roy for your informative response. Your hint about keeping the
pots outside until a heavier frost, is an interesting idea. I've been doing
that with most of my Oxalis species, and they do perform better, often with
less mouse damage, and more blossoms. Mice have discovered my greenhouse, so
I am loosing things left and right.

I wish that I had read your email earlier, before it became dark outside,
and on a Sunday, so that I could smell the blossom to see if it smelled like
yeast or honey. I fear I will miss it now, since I work until next weekend.
I will go change the label to D. stylosa just in case.

Matt Mattus
Zone 5
Worcester, MA

On 11/25/11 8:43 PM, "Roy Herold" <rrherold@gmail.com> wrote:

> Matt,
> It's difficult to tell from your photo, but I'm guessing your plant is
> Daubenya stylosa. _

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