Calochortus apiculatus

Michael Mace
Tue, 29 Nov 2011 18:53:42 PST
Linda asked:

>> Does anyone on the list grow this bulb?  Are there any other calochortus
that could be as hardy as c. apiculatus?

I've tried to grow it here in balmy California.  As I recall, it sprouted
after stratification but did not come back for a second year -- no doubt
because my climate is not nearly cold enough for it.

The Calochortus Society recommended a number of Calochortus species for cold
climates with dry summers.  Most are from the high mountains in California,
or the Great Basin.  They include:

Calocortus elegans, longebarbatus, nitidus, eurycarpus, flexuosus,
leichtlinii, macrocarpus, bruneaunis, gunnisoni.

They classified C. apiculatus as one for cold moist climates, so you might
also want to try some that were in that same group: C. lyallii, subalpinus.

I'd start with lyallii and macrocarpus, as their ranges extend into Canada.
Those are both gorgeous flowers; I will be very jealous if you can grow

Alplains has seed of a number of these:

Good luck!  If you get them to bloom, be sure to brag about it here on the

San Jose, CA

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