"Spelling of plant names"

Gail Skaggs lmp5566@earthlink.net
Fri, 25 Nov 2011 14:03:09 PST
A correction in pencil, rather than a big fat red marker still gets 
the job done. No need for anyone to add all the bull (refraining my 
Texas language).

I discovered the PBS when googling last year for information on 
bulbs, and became a member right away. The wiki was and is a 
wonderful source of information for a backyard gardener like me. I 
simply love it, and spend many hours on the wiki.

I also signed on for the e-mail discussion list, thinking this would 
be an informative addition to the wiki. Instead, at least for me, is 
a discussion dominated by a small group of dedicated, knowledgeable 
and articulate individuals. However, the discussion list's most 
frequent contributors are not the typical plant enthusiast. I know it 
is difficult sometimes to see the other side, but please try looking. 
There are plenty of us out there who love to just grow, with quite 
impressive results. Just because our records are not carefully 
documented in a scientific manner, but rather shared personally or 
scribbled in an old spiral notebook, does not make them any less 
reliable information.

Please allow me to share this information as I sincerely believe 
PBS's desire to increase membership is not being helped by the 
current e-mail discussion list. It would seem that sending the PBS 
seed exchange in it's own e-mail would greatly increase membership 
and/or sustain the current membership. I realize that many 
non-members receive the discussion list, and those non-members do see 
the seed exchange list. However, non-members could also receive the 
seed exchange list via e-mail, with the hope it might induce some to 
join the PBS.

Gail Skaggs
Zone 8a in the currently very dry Texas Hill Country

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