Good grey water filtering plants

Randall P. Linke
Fri, 11 Nov 2011 21:34:05 PST
I'm not sure that bulbous plants are the greatest for filtering the water.
Do you know what her goal for the use of this water is?

There are a lot of great water plants that would do well in her area that
are very good at cleaning the water.  I think we would need to know what
her conditions are and what she wants to achieve before we could recommend
plants for her.


On Fri, Nov 11, 2011 at 9:22 PM, Lee Poulsen <> wrote:

> I recently received a Facebook email from someone I don't know who found
> me while perusing the PBS wiki. (I live close to her, so she contacted me.)
> She doesn't belong to the list (and didn't even know what it was) so I told
> her I would ask and see what all the experts here might suggest. Here is
> her question:
> "We are putting in a grey water system and we want a reed bed to filter
> the water. However, I don't want invasive reeds in my garden and I read
> that another choice might be Crinum Lillies i.e. Hymenocallis Occidentalis,
> Crinum Americanum as well as a couple of Iris species. As an expert, I
> wonder if you know where to buy any of these plants?"
> First I told her I wasn't an expert. ;-)
> Then I mentioned that there are probably a lot more choices of Crinums,
> Hymenocallis, and both Iris species as well as Iris hybrids (such as the
> Louisiana and Japanese Iris hybrids and relatives) that she might really
> like to try.
> I have no clue as to which are good water filtering plants however. Or if
> there are other genera that might be good for this, including non-bulbous
> plants, that also aren't invasive. I'm hoping that there are some good
> plants that are both good at filtering water AND have amazing flowers, etc.
> She lives on the side of one of the hills near downtown L.A. which has an
> extremely mild climate (virtually never reaches 0°C and rarely gets very
> hot either).
> Any ideas from the experts out there?
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