Germinating Arum creticum
Tue, 22 Nov 2011 04:00:03 PST

I have been growing Arum creticum from many years, from a single tuber it has grown in a nice clump with several flowers. However, I have never got any seed on these, even hand pollinating each other. I wonder if Arum creticum is self sterile? Other Arum species set seeds easily without any help.Two years ago I had Arum creticum and palaestinum flowering in the same days and I hand pollinating Arum creticum with palaestinum pollen and one flower set a whole 'pineapple' of seeds. At ripening they looked rather undersize, I was not sure they were actually fertile seeds, however there's always time to throw away and the best way is to throw away... in a pot of sowing mix. These were sown in October 2010 and I though they had to sprout in some weeks, instead nothing appeared and I concluded the seeds were sterile. But at a finger check I found several small micro tubers growing from the seeds, so this is quite a surprise for me, seeing that P. Boyce in his book says Arum creticum
  to have 'epigeal germination'. Than I kept the pot moist for all the season, watering sparingly even in summer and now several seedlings are coming out. We will see if these are actually Arum creticum x palaestinum, it would be interesting to see the colour of the spathe. Alternatively, they would be pure Arum creticum, not a true damage indeed !

Angelo Porcelli
Apulia - Southern Italy. 

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