Gardening With Crinum Lilies

James Waddick
Mon, 14 Nov 2011 05:37:49 PST
Dear Friends,
	I've yet to see, but just learned about a new book that 
should be of interest to PBS members, The book is "Gardening with 
Crinum Lilies (Issue No 1)". This is a 24 page booklet with numerous 
photos concentrating on six of the best Crinums for gardens. Seems a 
bargain at $8.95

	For more info and how to order go to

	Then click on the tab labelled "Shop!" - Books and Other Stuff.*

	The author is Jenks Farmer a well know Crinum grower and 
fancier in South Carolina. If this book does well, I hope to see 
future  issues on more Crinum topics. These are great garden plants 
that deserve to be grown on a wider scale.

		Best		Jim W.

* And he sells some nice looking garden crinums, too.
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