Canarina canariensis

Paul T.
Fri, 25 Nov 2011 20:03:32 PST

>What I'd like to know is whether anyone has grown this plant where it
>experienced some subfreezing temperatures. I can always pop a cone of
>foam around it if a cold snap threatens, but that is the extent of
>the coddling it will now get. We've had only one very mild frost here
>so far this fall.


I grow it here.  I have it on the steps at the 
front of the house, not far from a north wall and 
tucked amongst other thing..... where it is 
somewhat protected but by no means glasshouse 
conditions or anything like that.  Where I have 
it, once we get below -5'C out in the garden it 
tends to get toasted, but this year it sailed 
through winter and I thought it was going to go 
right through, until we got a -9'C very late in 
winter/early spring that toasted an awful lot of 
things.  I would imagine if I repotted it and 
gave it better food it would flower more, but I 
always get a few flowers on it every 
year.  Despite being frosted it always comes back 
for me without any problem.  I really must repot 
it this summer and see what it is like 
underground.  I grew it from seed from Bill D. in 
New Zealand about 7 or 8 years ago now I think.

I realise I am likely a very different climate to 
you, but I hope this is of some use.  If I can 
provide any other info that you think might help, 
just email me and I'll see if I can help.


Paul T.
Canberra, Australia - USDA Zone Equivalent approx. 8/9
Min winter temp -8 or -9°C. Max summer temp 40°C. 
Thankfully, maybe once or twice a year only.

Growing an eclectic collection of plants from all 
over the world including Aroids, Crocus, 
Cyclamen, Erythroniums, Fritillarias, Galanthus, 
Irises, Liliums, Trilliums (to name but a few) 
and just about anything else that doesn't move!! 

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