Managing bulb collection

Kathleen Sayce
Sat, 26 Nov 2011 17:54:32 PST
When I am potting larger seeds to grow outside, I put those pots into a heavy wire mesh enclosure to keep crows, jays, squirrels and voles out of the pots. I lost most individuals from several pots of before I learned that these creatures were systematically harvesting those seeds. Caught the jays in the act a couple of times, and startled a few squirrels, then figured out what they were doing. The mesh is formed into a half box, turned over and weighed down with rocks or bricks. No losses since I started doing this. Many losses before. 

A few pots that have very attractively flavored leaves get their own fine mesh caps, using door screen wire mesh formed in tubes, to protect the leaves.  

I'm waiting for some thuggish creatures to figure out that they can tip the pots over and tug the mesh covers off, but that hasn't happened yet. If they do, I'll be blocking the pots in place to keep them upright. 

Pictures at: 


PNW coast, on a mild cloudy day

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