Crinum Identification Please

jim lykos
Fri, 18 Nov 2011 18:36:33 PST
Hi Marek

The  inference in my earlier remark was that  polyploidy is found in some C. 
moorei interspecific hybrids which appear to have  greater chromosome 
numbers  than the sum total of the numbers of chromosomes  found in the 
original parents.  These Crinum hybrids are usually sterile but it has been 
noted that  over a number of years some may suddenly become seed or pollen 
fertile.  This new pairing or chromatid recombination appears to  have 
originated from  either a somatic mutation or  a  meiosis recombination 
event?  A real understanding of the genetic processes involved in this 
change is however a mystery to me.


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> Jim,
> I do not understand what you mean. Is it "somatic hybrid"? If so, how is 
> it
> possible in the old hybrid?
> Marek Walnik, Poland
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> ... The other larger open rose pink coloured Crinum looks very much like a
> C. moorei hybrid - but one which  is possibly
> a stomatic hybrid?  showing most of the features of a good C. moorei 
> flower
> ....
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