Robert Hamilton
Tue, 29 Nov 2011 00:49:27 PST
Hi Roland,

The purpureum are OK in the garden and as previously mentioned follow  
a Mediterranean pattern of growth. I raise all seedlings in pots.

The luteum's grow in bog or standing water more or less on a Crinum  
cycle because they are from a summer rainfall climate. In fact Crinum  
flaccidum is often found growing in the drier margins around the C  
luteum populations.  So they dont survive in the garden in my climate  
where it is fairly dry through summer. I grow them in pots in saucers  
of water from spring until mid autumn.

I grow some of the luteum from northern NSW and southern Queensland  
in my glasshouse but after several years  years it appears they are  
happy enough under shade cloth.


Rob in Tasmania

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