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Mon, 28 Nov 2011 14:33:00 PST
Dear All

Here are some comments about the seeds on offer in the current BX.

Arisaema c.f. consanguineum. Umbrella like leaf, huge fruit, tall
attractive plant. Tubers do not offset. Do not know how hardy this one
is, mine are pot grown.

Begonia evansiana, considered hardy, very good pink form, Bulbili, they
should be planted immediately and kept barely moist, not totally dry.
They will sprout in spring.

Begonia gracilis var martiana, tender, upright stems with fragrant pink
flowers all in a row one on top of the other. winter dormant. Minute
bulbili treat as above.

Dahlia coccinea var palmeri open pollinated but comes fairly true form
seed, no hybrids grown nearby. Excellent garden plant, 2-3m tall, no
staking required. horizontal bright orange flowers, elegant overall
plant, airy, fine foliage. Seeds germinate at COOL temperatues, seed is
winter hardy in my zone 6-7 garden, Tubers may be hardy in mild winter
gardens, not here. Dislikes hot weather, perfect for mild oceanic
climates. from high elevation in Mexico.  mine are in full sun but may
do better in partial shade in hotter climates tham mine. No virus in
more than 10 years in my stock plants which were originally grown from
Harry Hay seed. A WARNING when digging them up in autumn: unlike garden
hybrid Dahlias the tubers are at a certain (but quite long) distance
from the shoot, attached with a thin root. I heard people comment they
did not form tubers....oh no..... they were all spaded off. Use a fork
and not a spade and dig around at a very good distance to really get the
tubers. this is typical for most wild Dahlia species.

Dahlia hybrid purple.  not very much hybridized offspring of a mix of
differend selected species Dahlias of the coccinea group from a
hybridizer. attractive plants. Not from my own garden but open
pollinated from a Dahlia bed with ordinary garden Dahlias as well, so
there might be variation. Same tuber type as above.

Eucomis pole evansii, bulbs from Dutch bulb companies, not uniform, I
suspect hybrids. But tall attractive plants. Hardy here with shelter
from winter wet. open pollinated with E. 'Sparkling Burgundy' nearby

Eucomis 'Sparkling Burgundy' Red foliage, medium height, attractive
plant, next to pole evansii open pollinated so may vary. As hardy as

Impatiens rothii, very few seeds. tall 1,5m herb, thick tubers that are
about to burst its pot, tuber hardy in mild winter areas, not with me.
pink flowers attractive and rare plant. cuttings are possible, too,
early enough to produce a tuber before dormancy.

Lophospermum, was Asarina scandens. pink foxglove like flowers climbs
with leaf stalks, attractive floriferous. forms a fleshy rootstock and
should be kept on the dry side in winter. Produces a lot of seeds and
might be potentially invasive.

Tradescantia boliviana. New to science, described in 2006. 70-90cm tall
herb, very many pinkish purple flowers along the upright shoots among
the leaves but good impact. flowers close around midday in hot weather.
Very easy plant, summer growing winter dormant, full sun, lots of water
in summer but not stagnant water, BUT TOTALLY DRY in winter. large
fleshy tubers will rot with a minimum of residual moisture in the pot. I
use clay pots for this reason. Also very easy from cuttings. A great
plant. Everybody who sees it wants it.

Tropaeolum pentaphyllum ssp megapetalum: summer growing, winter dormant,
very large tubers, tender. from around 2000m in Bolivia, moist and mild
in summer and dry and cool in winter, (Valle Grande) Originally grown
from 3 or 4 seeds. These seeds are VERY difficult to germinate, may take
years. Soak them in water for one night, plant them and use the plastic
bag system or another system that will prevent the substrate from drying
out and then keep them at fluctuating temperatures. Flowers all summer
with two bright red fairly large petals that look like red Mickey Mouse
ears. The flowers look like a cross between ordinary T. pentaphyllum and
T. speciosum. Vigorous climber. I am very interested in distributing
this seed as I have a feeling I might be the only one growing it. Have
done so in the past, does anybody have sucess? Once the plant is there
it is very easy. Cuttings before flowering stage are possible.
Apparently some tubers stay dormant for more than one season but will
resprout eventually. My big pot has always sprouted so far.... 


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