Pacific Bulb Society BX 293 seed question

Fred Biasella
Tue, 08 Nov 2011 05:45:42 PST
Thank you Ken, Ina and Shirley:

You input is greatly appreciated. Dell was very kind to send more than enough seed so if these survive and grow on, I will share them with the group. I'm afflicted with that very common disease of "Eyes bigger than stomach" and I have run out of room a long time ago, but does that stop me....of course not. My only choice is to share with the group otherwise they'll force me out of house and home and it's my pleasure to.

Very Warm Regards and Thanks,
Fred Biasella

<Ken Wrote>

Hello Fred, 
IMO ... a gritty, very well draining mix, with NO organic material, is best for these.  My own mix is equal parts pumice, DG (Decomposed Granite Sand) and perlite, topped with large-particled DG to keep perlite and pumice from floating to the top.  If no DG, gritty sand or very small pebbles (as for aquariums) should work.   After germination and production of the first leaf, a very weak fertilizer solution with every other watering may be beneficial.  I usually transplant to a mix including some organic material after the first or second year of growth.  Seeds should not be covered but surrounded by larger particles to hold them in place during germination.    I keep a plastic humidity dome over them until the formation of the first leaf.  I find seedlings do OK the first year in some shade ... out of direct sunlight.
BTW ... I am having very high germination rates with seeds of these same batches. 
Ken Blackford
San Diego

--- On Mon, 11/7/11, Fred Biasella <> wrote:

Hello All,

I just received these seeds from the BX (Thanks Dell!!!!):

6. Amaryllis belladonna (light pink) X Brunsvigia littoralis
7. Amaryllis belladonna (large-flowered, medium pink) X Nerine angulata

My question is, what is the best medium to start these seeds. I live in the Northeast where light is a bit of an issue, but I do have lighted plant carts ... 

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