Romulea in CREW Newsletter

Cameron McMaster
Sun, 06 Nov 2011 09:02:28 PST

Cameron and I together with Odette Curtis (working on Renosterveld Conservation) are the members of the Napier CREW group. The article that you referred to about the orange Romulea, was written by Cameron, and the photos in that article are Cameron's photos. He is quite happy for you to use them on the PBS Wiki. (Each CREW group writes an article with accompanying photos for the annual CREW Newsletter - only a few of the photos are taken by the SANBI CREW employees, so although you got permission from 'CREW' to use the photos, in fact many of the photos belong to the authors of the articles.)

We were on an IBSA outing, including Rod and Rachel, to one of the farms where Odette is working, when the Saunders spotted the flower, and then we all saw them over a small area. It was terribly exciting!

The Romulea description & name was going to be published in October in 2011 Bothalia 41,2. I haven't seen it yet, but it is probably out already. It has a very distinctive large leaf  'H' -shaped in section. The name is R. pilosa, because of the very hairy leaf margins. And it certainly is one of the most beautiful Romuleas.

Rhoda McMaster
Napier, SA

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