Begonia propagation

Johannes-Ulrich Urban
Sat, 26 Nov 2011 13:29:00 PST
Hulloa my friends!

Being quite amused about the very off topic conversation about correct

But here a topic question: I have sent my hybrid tuberous Begonias to
sleep for their winter dormancy. Before that I kept them frost free but
dry and fairly warm so that they would shed their shoots. They do that
segmentwise. But the very lowest segments close to the tubers had small
roots when they were shed and they are very firm and short and round so
that I wonder if they could be used for propagatiom. I will try anyway.
But my question: Has anybody done this before? With sucess? Or will
these base-segments rot and shrivel away?

Greetings with a lot of smiles from mild autumn weather in Germany


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