Hello from a new member in northern California

Seth J. Wingate seth@svn.net
Sat, 12 Nov 2011 02:42:53 PST
Hello Roland,

I do have about 150 special selections planted in another area of the 
property.  However, these have yet to bloom.  The A. belladonnas that I 
mentioned have been growing and multiplying on a hillside here for at 
least 45-50 years.  They were planted by the previous owner, and they 
are the standard type (although they are a deeper pink color some 
years).  For example, we had a very rainy winter in 2010 and the bulbs 
were a very beautiful rich pink this blooming season (i.e., 2011).  I 
normally do some careful hand pollination with crinum and nerine pollen, 
but this year life was so busy that the bees did all the work.


Point Reyes, California

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