terrestrial orchids

Glen Ladnier gladnier@yahoo.com
Sat, 12 Nov 2011 17:53:59 PST

>I grow many Bletillas, but not 'Kate'.  I have looked it over on some websites, but just haven't taken the time to order it.  I do grow Bletillia striata 'Big Bob', and that seems to be the standard for striatas.  In my area (zone 8b), Bletillas can be grown in the garden, and only need to be protected when they put out new growth prematurely, before all the freezes have finished.
>    Do you grow Bletilla s. 'Kate'.?  This is a new cultivar that 
>is promoted as having more and larger flowers. I bought a couple this 
>spring and flowers are typical, but it has rebloomed on new growth 
>and even now has a few flowers in bloom. None of my other typical 
>Bletilla bloom after a brief spring period. I am hoping they will 
>prove hardy as typical.
>Are you familiar with this or the similar 'Big Bob'?
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