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A. M. Walnik annamwal@interia.pl
Sat, 05 Nov 2011 10:22:27 PDT
There is a statement in the article 
http://news.cornell.edu/stories/Nov11/…, that “farmers 
can limit the pest's distribution and damage through […] moist soils, as the 
nematode likes dry conditions.” In other texts I have read, that Ditylenchus 
dipsaci likes heavy and moist soils. Other information is, that when a field 
is infested one must not grow susceptible plants for 5 to 10 years on it. D. 
dipsaci belongs to quarantine orgnisms in many countries.
See, for example: 
or http://plpnemweb.ucdavis.edu/Nemaplex/Taxadata/… .

Marek Walnik, Poland

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