Pollenating my Fragrant Hippeastrum ???

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> Does any one else have more knowledge about any other fragrant hippeastrums
> Steven Hart Esk Queensland Australia

Sorry to be so late in responding to this, but here are some Hippeastrum hybrids that I have grown that were fragrant:

'Blossom Peacock' , 'Dancing Queen' , 'Apple Blossom', 'Clown', 'Amputo', 'Pink Floyd', 'Misty',  'Ludwig Dazzler', 'Jewel', 'Alfresco', 'Faro', 'Amourette', 'Unique', 'Christmas Gift'.

It is doubtful that much success will be had in pollinating a double due to the general lack of a viable pistil, but they may bear some viable pollen. 'Dancing Queen' bears good pollen which I used with success on 'Piquant' and 'Exotica'. Both are good "mothers".

As to the species:

H. brasilianum, H. fragrantissimum, H. elegans (slight), and H. vittatum carry a fragrance. Hybrids of these may also inherit the trait.

Sorry, but I no longer have any seeds from my crosses and have only a few Hippeastrums in my present collection.


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