Growing nerines

Peter Taggart
Mon, 03 Oct 2011 13:25:44 PDT
I find succulents and epiphites easier in plastic too, With me clay dries
out a little too much for them.
I prefer keeping deep rooted plants and bulbs that like to be deep, such as
Onco Iris, junos, tulips, Colchicums  in clay pots.
I prefer to keep pogon Iris, woodland plants and most corms in plastic.
When the bulbs need big pots I tend to clay because the bigger clay pots are
slower to dry out than small ones. and plastic don't dry out enough if they
get too wet, leading to basal rot. It can also be difficult to tell if a
deep/ big plastic pot is too wet, untill it is too late.
Peter (UK).

   we are in the process of repotting our very large cactus

> and succulent collection (thousands of taxa) in our Arid House and have
> decided to switch from traditional clay to black plastic.

    the plants are responding

> well in the first year (or sooner).  I'm begining to think that the main
> argument for clay is esthetics

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