Clay vs plastic

Robin Carrier
Wed, 05 Oct 2011 10:27:38 PDT
I'm sorry.  I've looked it up and still can't  find what a "plunge bed" is?? 

robin carrier

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> I have found this discussion interesting. It's good to learn the
> options and the advantages and disadvantages of each and how to get
> around some of the problems. I am glad that John Grimshaw mentioned
> the weight of clay as a disadvantage. That's a big one for me (as is
> using large particles of sand in the mix). I don't want to end up
> with a stress fracture from lugging around heavy pots. I kept
> wondering when that was going to be mentioned.  Not all of us are
> able to have greenhouses and plunge beds either to make clay pots
> work. In a climate like mine where it is very wet part of the year
> and very dry part of the year clay pots have another disadvantage. In
> the wet times the pots can turn green or black on the outside. We've
> not compared them with wood which I use sometimes. It may not last as
> long as other materials, but Jim Robinett a number of years ago
> suggested that I might have better luck with Calochortus in a wet
> climate planting in wood instead of plastic. Sun on black plastic
> would not be to the plants liking and wood would help with drainage as 
> well.
> Mary Sue
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