Clay vs plastic

Michael Mace
Wed, 05 Oct 2011 09:37:21 PDT
I too have been enjoying this discussion.  I started with clay pots years
ago, and moved to plastic because in my low-humidity climate it reduced the
frequency of watering (it was too easy to have a clay pot dry out in sunny
weather, no matter how attentive I was).

But that's my climate and my gardening practices.  Years ago, someone wrote
that the only thing you can truly say about any gardening issue is, "this is
what works for me."  It's a little tiring to add "WWFM" to every post, but I
mentally append it to everything.  In that spirit, it's great to hear what
works for all of you because it gives me ideas.  For example, the idea of
using aluminum foil on the exposed sides of pots is fantastic --
inexpensive, and I bet it'll work.

And Nikko, thank you for finally giving me the right phrase to describe my
gardening activity.  "Happy-go-lucky loony" it is.

San Jose, CA
(where, dang it, the winter rains started last night, about one week before
I was ready for them)

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