Amarine (Amnerine?) foliage

Fri, 21 Oct 2011 17:46:50 PDT
Two years ago, I attempted my first cross of Amaryllis belladonna with Nerine (angulata) pollen.   The seeds, somewhat smaller than normal (same result repeated again this year) all germinated well, however, all plants from that batch are showing new foliage this year with multiple growing points.  I am assuming this is some sort of confirmation of a valid cross, as A.belladonna does not usually split/multiply until mature, whereas the Nerine angulata multiplies from both mature and imature bulbs.  I am hoping for flowers next year ... in hopes it has inherited that tendency from the Nerine pollen parent as well.…
this second photo is the same plant ... I simply removed the outer scale of the original bulb to show it has split as well as offset:…
Ken Blackford
San Diego 

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