Deer Repellants

Fri, 07 Oct 2011 01:26:18 PDT
Dear All,
Yes Crataegus and Ulex or Ilex aquifolium branches stuck amongst the other plants does work but yes the pain of weeding!
I think I will try the radio first.It has been highly recommended against the wild boar that we have too!
Oh the joys of living next to a unrealistically run and underfunded nature reserve.

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> De : "Judy Glattstein" 
> Objet : [pbs] Deer Repellants

> For lower growing plants take bamboo barbecue skewers and push them in 
> the ground, sharper end uppermost and where Bambi's nose will reach the 
> sharp point before chowing down on the plant. Caution! be careful when 
> weeding / working around the plants."

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