Gladiolus uysiae bulb pic

David Ehrlich
Thu, 06 Oct 2011 17:47:14 PDT
Interesting to see how your Gladiolus uysiae bulb spreads.  My G. alatus spreads 
exactly the same way.  I don't know whether those underground runners can 
rightlfully be called rhizomes, but they can be maddening.  If I plant the bulbs 
in the center of the pot, the runners will run to the edges of the pot and it is 
there that the new plants will grow.  I once tried to fool them by planting the 
bulbs near the edge of the pot, hoping the new plants would arise near the 
center.  It didn't fool them: they came up at the edge anyway.

David E.
Redwood City (SF Peninsula) CA

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