Aril Society 2011 seed exchange

Dennis Kramb
Mon, 17 Oct 2011 08:49:33 PDT
The Aril Society's 2011 seed list was published today.  You must be an
ASI member to order.  There is a good selection of species seeds from
Israel this year.  I thought some PBSers might be interested.

Arils are Iris species from the Middle East and Central Asia.  They
are extremely elegant and exotic looking.  Arilbreds are hybrids of
aril irises with the "regular" bearded irises from Europe.  Arilbreds
can grow anywhere normal bearded irises grow.  Pure arils are a bit
tricky in my climate, but I've had good success with regelias (but not
with oncos).

For more information check out the PBS wiki page on Arils....…

Look at the wiki photos of Iris iberica ssp. elegantissima or Iris
kirkwoodii.  If that doesn't make you ooooh and ahhhh then you
obviously don't like irises.  ;-)

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