ripening lily seeds

Brian Whyer
Thu, 27 Oct 2011 07:41:39 PDT
> Both stems with pods are still mostly green, or greenish
> yellow. Some leaves are starting to yellow on both stalks,
> from the top down. I'm near salt water, so my yard rarely
> frosts, but I'm wondering about the cool damp promoting
> fungi. And the occasional windstorm, frost, etc. 
> When are pods far enough along that I can cut the stalk
> (upper 1/3) and bring it indoors to continue to ripen pods
> in a warm dry place?

A new problem for me this year has been Lily beetle eating the seed pod outer case from Cardiocrinum. I thought at first it was high flying gastropods but caught a beetle eating a few days ago. I can see the seed ripening this year. They don't seem to be suffering from ~1/3 of the outer case being missing, the seed slowly changing from white to brown.

Brian Whyer, Buckinghamshire, England, zone ~8

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