Johannes-Ulrich Urban
Wed, 19 Oct 2011 09:54:00 PDT
Dear Dennis,

I looked up Psoralea which I did not know, it is a Fabaceae. For
Fabaceae seed I always use very hot almost boiling water which I pour
over the seed, about half a cup full so that it cools down relatively
fast. Same thing I do with Malvaceae seed. (I admit that I am scared to
kill the seed every time I do that and am ALWAYS amazed how well it
works) Sometimes this procedure has to be repeated. Those seeds that
start to swell and double or triple their size are good to sow and will
germinate within days, Those which do not react are mistreated again,
and maybe again. The ordinary Lupinus polyphyllus needs that, too. If
you do not trust this treatment just do it on a few seeds and keep the
rest. Fabaceae dislike very much root disturbance and grow in symbiosis
with certain bacteria so your idea to sow the seed where the plant is to
grow is probably the best way. But make sure mice and birds and the like
do not discover the seed. Some Fabaceae are extremely lime dependent and
will therefore not grow in lime free soil. If you are not sure or if you
do not want to add lime to your soil try finely crushed egg shells.

..... hope this is not too much off topic....    Uli

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