Deer Repellants
Thu, 06 Oct 2011 10:40:18 PDT
Like Mary Sue Ittner mentioned, Liquid Fence is a great option.  I  have 
had tremendous success with it.  Monthly applications work for me,  rain or 
not.  That application frequency is about four weeks apart and  it lasts that 
long to be effective.  And like she mentioned about her  dog liking the dogs love it.  I have to be careful because when  it is fresh they 
want to roll in it and, of course, will roll on the plants I'm  spraying!  It 
also has worked for me for rabbits and spraying my bird  feeder to keep the 
squirrels at bay.  I have used it on some of my  succulent plants, 
especially Ceropegia spp., to help prevent the squirrels from  eating them.
Liquid Fence works but stinks!
A friend of mine spilled some in her car trunk.  Even with cleaning  the 
odor lasted for months as it was in the fabric.  If you get it on your  hands 
the odor lingers for only a few hours.  
I've not had any success with all the other old wives tales.  I even  tried 
blood meal and Milorganite with no success.  And no success  with the 
hose-end devices that turn on automatically due to a motion  sensor.  And, when 
one lives in the country, coyote and fox urine don't  bother the deer at all.
The deer - and squirrels - are in outrageous numbers around here.   There 
needs to be more culls.
Good Luck.
--Jerry Lehmann
Olathe, KS - right across the street from Ernie Miller Nature Center - the  
local deer epicenter

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