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Wed, 26 Oct 2011 10:39:35 PDT
I'm in Encinitas, not far from Richard in Vista, both in San Diego County.  My velthemia grow in the dry shade of a pepper tree (Schnius molle).  They do go dormant in summer, and sprout about now.  The sprouts are leaves, not flower spikes.  The flower spikes follow.

I too would love some yellow velthemia.  I've seen them in a local private nursery but they were not in sufficient numbers for the owner to sell - yet.

Anyone else have any sources?


On Oct 25, 2011, at 7:08 AM, Mary Sue Ittner wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm really curious about Doug Westfall's recent post about the status 
> of his Veltheimia
>> There are flower spikes on most of them
> My Veltheimia bracteata has just broken dormancy this month. Most of 
> the plants haven't had leaves since early summer. Are these new 
> flower spikes? My plants usually bloom sometime from March to May.
> This is another example of how plants grow really differently in 
> Southern California than in Northern California.
> Many years ago when we discussed Veltheimia some people reported 
> their plants never went dormant, probably because of the difference 
> in how much moisture they got in summer. When the leaves on mine 
> start dying back, I stop watering them. The ones I planted in the 
> ground dwindled away I expect because it was too dry for them in 
> summer since in South Africa they would have rainfall in summer. In 
> large containers in the shade in our relatively cool summers the soil 
> probably doesn't dry out so much.
> How do you treat yours Doug?
> Mary Sue
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> Dry mild summers 
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