Clay vs plastic

Wed, 05 Oct 2011 11:50:42 PDT
I have one other comment to add regarding this topic. If the pot is
decorative with glazed surfaces (without and within) then I may use clay
pots. They are more bulky, more difficult to repot from but the plant roots
have no more reason than with plastic to head for the pot's walls. In this
climate, even with everything exposed to the sun, bulbs as well as cacti and
other succulent plants including bonsai, specimens do grow perfectly well in
such pots. Except for the glazed requirement I use only impervious, plastic
containers. These last up to five years, which is long enough before potting
is required in any case. They provide, for me at any rate, one further
advantage - the calcium in our water does not show up through the walls as
it often does with unglazed clay.

San Diego 

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