Canna X Ehemannii

Johannes-Ulrich Urban
Fri, 21 Oct 2011 14:06:00 PDT
Dear All,

As far as I know Canna X Ehemannii and Canna iridflora of trade are the
same plant, a hybrid of Canna iridflora. These two plants never set
seed. I have bought both in England and found no difference but had to
discard them because they declined markedly with virus. Good to know
that it will be available soon in a cleande up version. A well grown
plant is a magnificent sight. I remember the old glasshouse in Wisley
where there was a plant of this canna 4 or 5 metres high in its best
time, a few years later it was much shorter, my own plants were grown in
the open garden during summer and kept frost free in winter, these never
became as tall.
Does anybody grow a Canna iridiflora that sets seed? Does your plant,
Darlene, set seed in New Zealand? If it did it might be the true Canna
iridiflora which apparently is extinct in the wild and not in
cultivation.....  Maybe it survived in the favourable climate of New

Greeting from Germany, this will be the night of frost when everything
will be gone next morning......


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