Amaryllis paradisicola

Michael Mace
Fri, 28 Oct 2011 00:41:25 PDT
Jude asked:

>>Is there a source for these at all? 

Not that I know of.  You'll occasionally hear of someone who supposedly
knows someone else who has a brother who grows it, but good luck finding the
actual item.

There are a lot of bulbs species that appear to be made of unobtainium
(Moraea villosa ssp. elandsmontana comes to mind).  If some people actually
do have it, they usually don't advertise the fact out of fear of being
labeled an exploiter of wildlife -- even if they obtained it legitimately.

I think it's very sad, because in reality the more rare a plant is, the most
important it is that a lot of us grow it -- both to reduce demand for wild
collections, and to ensure that there's a reserve if it goes extinct in the

San Jose, CA

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