Growing nerines

Matt Mattus
Mon, 03 Oct 2011 19:59:58 PDT
Just adding my methods again, in my Massachusetts greenhouse I grow my
Nerine sarniensis in 6 inch square plasting pots, using ProMix BX mixed with
1/3 Espoma Soil Perfector ( a fired clay pellet). This is my tenth year
growing one N. sarniensis crosses, and I agree with Nick, plastic pots seem
to keep the bulbs plumper and the roots more stable than in clay, I too have
tried both.

As for transplanting, or dividing, I am curious about other growers and what
you may be doing. I've been lazy over the past few years, and have not
divided some pots, and they are are starting to bulge with firm bulbs. I am
noticing that some pots have three flower buds, something that I have not
seen in my collection in the past.

Also, I am getting nearly a 90% bloom rate now that I have my bulbs in
larger pots, with a little summer moisture. Last year I picked all of my
flowers and photographed them so that I could document each variety. I then
had some fun arranging them by color order ( see here, on my blog)…

I wonder if I am getting more bloom this year, because I picked all of the
blossoms last year?

Matt Mattus
Zone 5 
Worcester, MA

On 10/3/11 4:33 PM, "AW" <> wrote:

> It is with great pleasure to read Nick's letter on this subject. I agree
> fully with his findings. I have never grown nerines (of any species) in clay
> pots) but 

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