Free bulbs and similar (pickup only) - all set!

Ellen Hornig
Thu, 13 Oct 2011 12:11:28 PDT
Thanks, everyone, for your interest.  Someone has offered to drive here and 
pick them up, so I think I'm all set.

This person has also indicated that he will make some available to the BX, 
and possibly directly to individuals, when they're dormant and ready to go. 
Frankly, I cannot worry about what terms he chooses to do that on - I'm 
grateful to him for saving me from an endless guilt trip!  It's certainly 
not that I didn't think about the BX - it's that none of this stuff is 
dormant yet, and it needs to go now.

I do, BTW, still plan to send seeds of C. graecum to the seedex, assuming I 
can locate them in the mess of getting ready to move.


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> >This is probably a futile offering, but here in Oswego, NY (45 minutes 
> >north
>>of Syracuse) I have a lot of non-hardy summer-rainfall bulbs and corms,
>>mostly South African,
> Dear Ellen
> A most thoughtful offer, but I wondered too if some one might
> make the trip to Ellen and ship to Dell, too. Even odd lots would be
> appreciated and some very interesting stuff.
> Any PBS members near Oswego or close enough to make a trip
> and ship bulbs to Dell?
> Thanks, Ellen, Good luck on the move and new situation. Hope
> you'll rejoin at a new email address when the dust settles.
> Very good wishes Jim W.
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