Clay vs plastic

Peter Taggart
Tue, 04 Oct 2011 23:03:11 PDT
The point is Ina,
that to say plastic is always best, is not true for every ones
circumstances. Both plastic and clay pots have their faults and merits.
I am learning from others comments more about those faults and merits.

Also, I would hate to think that someone using a successful growing regime
with clay pots might switch on the advice of Nick, who's trial compared clay
and plastic pots in only one situation, with only one type of plant. His
findings are excellent but only for the plants and cultivation regime he
uses. That is why I first challenged his results.

I am intrigued by this discussion, as it is not increasing anyone's
> knowledge, as Leo says, it is all on what works best for you, which
> depends on under what conditions you are growing.  Sounds just like a
> thing that is going round and round without ending.
> Ina

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