wiki picture arrows

Diane Whitehead
Sat, 29 Oct 2011 17:57:59 PDT
I have long wished for a "next" and "previous" button for the wiki  
pictures.  But there were none, so I would carefully click the X at  
the bottom of the picture to close it, and then click the next picture  
to open it.  No big deal, but a slight bother.

Today I carelessly moused across the photo on my way to the X.   
Amazing!  There is a   <   on the left and a   >   on the right.  You  
don't even have to click on them precisely - clicking somewhere on the  
left opens the previous picture, and somewhere on the right opens the  

I should be embarrassed to mention this, but I've got a thick skin,  
and maybe there are a couple of others out there that didn't know  
about it either.

Diane Whitehead

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