The flowering desert

Roy Herold
Mon, 10 Oct 2011 16:51:18 PDT
Coincidentally, the mass displays of bloom in South Africa were the best 
in twenty years, or so said the locals. The rains came at exactly the 
right time, from what I gather. We took more of a gamble than the Chile 
travelers, as our trip had to be booked *before* the rains instead of after.

Spectacular, awe-inspiring, intense, and jaw-dropping at times--just 
about every superlative applied. Unlike Jane, however, I have about 4500 
photos to sort through.  It *better* be a long winter.

Whether you go to South America, or South Africa, or Southern 
California, it really doesn't matter. Go far away from home someday and 
enjoy the flowers and the people.


Jane McGary wrote:

> If this note makes anybody get on a plane to Santiago tomorrow, I 
> won't be surprised. This spectacle is something every plant lover 
> should see at least once.

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