Cyclamen graecum outdoors

Ellen Hornig
Tue, 11 Oct 2011 11:27:54 PDT
I have to confess...I have a few of these in a raised garden here in upstate 
NY (zone 5b, with consistent snow cover) and they've survived there for many 
years.  "Survive", however, is the best they do - maybe one or two blossoms 
now and then.  They assuredly do not thrive.

This discussion reminds me that I may have a couple of bags of seeds sitting 
around, one of mixed forms and the other of silver-leaved plants with green 
edges (descended from a beautiful plant John Grimshaw gave me, long ago).  I 
will see if I can find them, and if I do I'll send them to the seed ex. 
Thanks in advance for not writing to make private arrangements -


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