Was (Canna) x 'Ehemanii' - now Alpine Cannas

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Fri, 21 Oct 2011 19:53:31 PDT
My plant was purchased from Russell Fransham Subtropicals, after this 
discussion I went to his website to see if
the item is still available, it is and it is selling as Canna iridiflora 
'Ehemannii', my label did not show 'Ehemannii', but
I have now corrected that.

I have also located a source for Canna 'Orange Punch' which will soon be 
growing in my garden.   Canna 'Semaphore', and
Canna indica 'warszewiczii' are also available from Russell Fransham. 
Something to look forward to.

Thank you all.

Auckland, New Zealand

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This is fascinating, but who do you know that has actually tried to grow the 
real, wild-collected species?

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>Thank you Jim, I wonder what I am growing so successfully here then.
>Auckland, New Zealand

Dear Darlene,
        I would not be surprised if you are growing the cv x'Ehemanii as it 
is often sold as the species C. iridiflora. The cv is much easier to grow 
and tolerates a wide range of conditions unlike the species, but your 
climate may well be 'kind' to the real species.

        Actually, I don't recall ever seeing the real species in 
cultivation. Always turns out to be the hybrid.

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