identifying trip photos

Diane Whitehead
Thu, 27 Oct 2011 10:31:36 PDT
I'm back from a trip to Chile with Jane McGary and Eugene Zielinski.   
Don and I stayed on longer in Chile and then went to Ecuador.

  I am beginning to put names to the 2663 pictures we took.  They  
aren't all flowers, but a majority are.

As we were photographing, I wrote down the flower names and sometimes  
a location, though now, a month later, some of those notes are a  
puzzle.  What did I mean by "just N of Vallenar ... going south:  just  
N of 516017" ?

I now realize what I should have been doing:

turn on the GPS (we turned it off to cut down on battery use)
mark the map somehow:  sticky red dots or a highlighter pen
write the date and time beside the flower names so it will be easier  
to match them with the digital photos which have that information to  
the second.

Now, I hope I will remember this for the next time.

Oh, I just remembered about the 516017 - in Chile, the distance  
markers are sometimes in kilometres but sometimes in metres, and  
sometimes there is one every ten metres.  So if anyone wants to look  
at the mutant alstroemeria we found there, you know exactly where to  

Diane Whitehead

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